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Best tips for options trading in Indian stocks

Investment opportunities don’t have the volumes which the Index Options have. The vast majority of the choice exchanges on NSE are in NIFTy or BANK NIFTY.


I have seen individuals loosing cash in Options 95% of times. You can get fortunate some of the time however over the timeframe in the event that you will figure, you won’t increase much. The best tip for any dealer who is doing oprion trading tips will be to be a Seller of Options as opposed to Buyer. It is typical and plain maths. In a specific stock there are 3 conceivable outcomes –

Go Up
Go Down
Stay where it is

Indeed, there are various stocks which are recorded for Futures and Options trading and we need to constrain our decisions inside that rundown.

(1) Be cautious about Time Decay :

As expressed before there are insufficient volumes in investment opportunities. In any case, it doesn’t make a difference much for a little merchant who might exchange 1– 2 contracts. The issue is that real exchanging these alternatives does not start before the expiry of earlier months contracts.

(2) Liquidity — Trade in investment opportunities which have some average volumes:

There are around 200 stocks n which alternatives are exchanged on NSE. Some like RIL, ICICI, TATASTEEL and so on have great volumes. Then again, stocks like EICHERMOTORS, IDBI, BALRAMPURCHINI and so forth have low volumes.

Leaving from these low volume counters turns out to be exceptionally troublesome when the alternative progresses toward becoming ITM.

Low volumes lead to wrong valuing disclosure.

Thus the need to stay with the stocks with great volumes in the choice exchanges.

(3) If you are an Option Buyer, go for unstable stocks as it were:

We have just observed that we have at the most extreme 20 exchanging days for our choice exchanges to work out. That as well if the exchange is entered sufficiently early. At some point we need the value activity to occur in just 4– 5 days.

We need very unstable stocks for our exchanges else we simply lose the premiums as time passes quickly.

Unpredictability allows us to acquire a few benefits.

It has been dependably been my push to fend off the language and details from alternative exchanging.

I have highlighted three important points.

Thank you for Reading, Happy Investing!

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