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What are good intraday trading strategies?

I want to share my successful intraday strategy which is giving me best results.

Intraday trading is the most popular thing in Indian stock market specially amongst new generations. Just come with small capital and use leverage to trade and gain some bucks initially. But intraday trading involves huge risk too, risk of loosing partial or whole capital. I came to day trading when I was only 19 years which was almost 13 years back. I was desperate to do trades everyday and we had a group of friends who used to do trading everyday. Well I am not here to tell you what is my story but I want to give some knowledge which can improve your trading. You have seen some common answers but I will give different one.

Tips and tricks while doing Intraday trading:

First of all find out market direction whether it’s bullish, bearish or stable. If we see present scenario, Market is continuously in bullish zone so I will find bullish stocks to trade for intraday rather than selling anything.

Find out best performing stocks of last few days or weeks. Examples are Tata Steel, ICICI Bank, PC Jewellers, Adani Enterprise, Axis Bank, Jindal Steel, Reliance, Adani Port and there are more. Now what you have to do in Intraday? Whenever you are watching these bullish stocks near low or making low, you have to buy them with strategic Stoploss.

Like I am giving example of 25/01/2018. PC Jewellers is a bullish stock and it was near day low around 546–547. If you buy it at 547 also and Put 5 rs SL in future and hold it with trailing stoploss and do not book 4 or 5 rs profit but just place stoploss at cost and than trail and you can easily book it at 565 or 566 which was 20 Rs profit i.e. 30,000 profit in Intrady.

If you see all stocks above I mentioned, you will get best results in intraday. I will never buy bearish or sluggish stocks like Bank of India, canara bank, HPCL etc. Stock selection is most important.

If you check same thing in Tata steel or Jindal steel today or even in Reliance, you will get very good results like this.

First of all you have to identify that whether market is bullish or bearish than find out bullish stocks only if market is bullish and buy them when they are coming near support. You can find out support and resistance levels easily for that day by entering previous high, low and close price online.

So this trick will give you best results as per my experience.

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